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ASAP Plastics offers a wide selection of ABS piping, including ABS pressure pipes in Class C, Class E and Class T. 

ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) refers to a thermoplastic pressure pipework system known for significant robustness. It is rigid, non-toxic, highly durable and extremely resilient to major impacts, and has undeniable resistance to chemicals.  ABS pressure piping are lightweight and require little effort to install, with joints being made with the help of a solvent cement and involving no special tools.

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ABS pipes are particularly useful in low temperature conditions, as they are suitable to use over an extended temperature scale. Boasting great impact strength and withstanding pressures up to 15 bar, ABS is highly recommended over more traditional alternatives of pipework materials. In addition, ABS is taint-free and also resistant to numerous different slurries whose abrasiveness can deteriorate other pipe materials such as steel. ABS pressure pipes make for an ideal product to be used for water treatment, as well as in chemical installations, drinking water and in pressurized irrigation systems.

Save both time and money taking advantage of the unique properties of our ABS pressure pipes. The extensive range of ABS piping provided here, at ASAP Plastics, includes ABS pressure pipes that are available in different classes and 6m lengths.