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ASAP Plastics stocks a vast selection of PVC pipework systems which incorporate PVC-U pressure pipes. These are made through the extrusion process using a thermoplastic material called unplasticised polyvinyl chloride polymer.

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PVC pipes, also known as uPVC or PVC-U pipes, are perfect for major infrastructure applications, and are renowned for their serviceability and long-term durability. More exactly, PVC-U pressure pipes boast superior resistance to corrosion, they can easily withstand impacts and chemical attacks, and are suitable to use in temperature conditions ranging from 0°C to 50°C. The exceptional characteristics of PVC-U pressure pipes make them ideal for use in many different applications like turf watering and irrigation systems, potable water supply, sewage and waste systems, industrial process pipelines, as well as slurry pipelines carrying corrosive and abrasive quarry materials.

ASAP Plastics PVC-U pressure pipes are fully recyclable, lightweight and safe to use as they do not contains cadmium, lead or mercury-based compounds, and they are not associated with potential gas and chemical emissions. Furthermore, these pipes do not require the use of protective and sealing coatings, thus eliminating the risk of liberating volatile organic compounds into the environment. If properly installed and used according to relevant standards, ASAP Plastics PVC-U pressure pipes have a 100 year service life, ensuring excellent durability compared to other pipe materials.