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Compression Fittings

Philmac Compression Fittings

ASAP Plastics offers a valuable selection of excellently-made Philmac pipe fittings that are suitable for use with various pipe materials in low and high pressure contexts. The Philmac Compression Fittings are designed to provide improved fitting grip across the Polyethylene pressure range. In addition, these products are also destined for use during the installation of components that permit the measurement and control in the pipe system.

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Philmac is one of the leading providers of a wide range of compression fittings that are associated with the Slide & Tighten technology for effortless, but completely safe installation. Users of Philmac Compression Fittings are advised to insert the MDPE pipe until they reach the premier point of resistance, followed by tightening the nut by hand and wrench without involving force or any pipe preparation. Disassembly is just as facile, as the compression fittings manufactured by Philmac allow the split collet to be released once the nut is no longer tightened. In addition, these products have no loose components, come with a visual stop and are associated with a dynamic sealing method.

For complete coverage, ASAP Plastics provide Philmac Compression Fittings whose size varies from 20mm to 110mm, comprising threaded fittings, tee junctions and couplers. The materials used to manufacture the performant compression fittings consist of superior thermoplastic materials with a 1600kpa and a guaranteed lifespan of 50 years.