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PP Threaded Fittings

Philmac PP Threaded Fittings

Philmac is a highly reputable manufacturer of complete ranges of fittings and valves whose superior quality and performance recommend them as ideal solutions for ultimate pipe connections. ASAP Plastics is now a provider of high-quality Philmac products, including Polypropylene Threaded Fittings like plugs, tees, nipples, bushes, sockets, as well as male and female elbows and caps. The ASAP Plastics Philmac PP Threaded Fittings are suitable for Imperial and Metric pipe systems alike, as well as Universal Transition Couplings and BSP Threaded Fittings.

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Manufactured according to supreme quality standards, the Philmac PP Threaded Fittings can withstand working pressures up to PN16. The chemical and corrosion resistant material in their composition is a UV resistant polypropylene which maintains fittings’ dimensions and prevents the absorption of moisture. Philmac PP Threaded Fittings thus ensure extra long-lasting, dependable pipe connections to use for various applications. These products are a money-saving alternative to fittings made of metal, and their BSP tapered threads have been designed to make sealing optimal whereas their hexagonal body facilitates installation.

If you’re interested in high-quality Polypropylene Threaded Fittings manufactured by Philmac, look no further than the ASAP Plastics range of Philmac plugs BSP, nipples BSP, reducing bushes, reducing sockets, tank inlet BSP and more.