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Polypropylene Threaded Fittings

Plasson Polypropylene Threaded Fittings

ASAP Plastics currently stocks a wide range of Plasson fittings and valves that offer reliable, secure pipe joints for water mains worldwide.

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The fact that millions of their products can be found in gas conveyence systems, potable water distribution, industrial fluids transfer and wastewater drainage in more than 80 countries proves their reliability and high performance. The wide selection of solutions for connecting PE pipes now includes PP Threaded Fittings. For a broad range of authentic black Polypropylene Threaded Fittings manufactured by Plasson, do have a look at what ASAP Plastics has to offer.

The Plasson Polypropylene Threaded Fittings are non-toxic, resilient to corrosion and resistant to fatigue, these black polypropylene fittings also containing a stainless steel reinforcing ring. Threaded to BSP Standards, the Plasson Fittings are manufactured in accordance to diverse European and global authorities that issue environmental quality standards. The Plasson Polypropylene Threaded Fittings supplied by ASAP Plastics are perfect for conveying different liquids like potable water, alimentary fluids or wine. These fittings can be used within MDPE pipe systems, and although they’re made using Plasson’s high quality materials and installation is pretty effortless, ASAP Plastics suggests consulting the manufacturer’s instruction manual at all times. Furthermore, it is imperative that you steer clear from thread sealant pastes in favour of PTFE tape.