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Puriton Pipe


Puriton pipes represent an ingenious solution designed to preserve the quality of potable water by preventing fuels and solvents from leaking into the water supply running through contaminated land. Puriton pipes have a unique multilayer structure that acts like a barrier for maximum resistance against hydrocarbons. ASAP Plastics Puriton Pipes have a thickness range from25 mm to 63mm, safeguarding drinking water quality by bringing together the beneficial properties of polyethylene with the protective characteristics of aluminium. The system is lightweight, flexible and easy to handle, requiring minimal tooling, fewer joints and no pipe surface preparation, thus ensuring a quick and easy installation that’s also cost-saving. 

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ASAP Plastics Puriton Pipes consist of inner and outer layers of polyethylene framing a layer of aluminium, offering adequate protection against ground contaminants. They come with a pair of ring seals attached, the outer seal being crafted from Viton, while the inner one consists of ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber.

ASAP Plastics offers a basic selection of Puriton Pipes, including 25mm coils, 32mm coils and 63mm coils. These pipes are part of a system for which relevant mechanical compression fittings are available.